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3. How do scientists explain shark attacks?

2) One’s goose is cooked – someone who was caught doing something wrong, and is now in big trouble.

Advance Esl Efl Lesson Plans At Online Tutoring world

This idiom comes from the old days when Blacksmiths working with hot iron, had to quickly hammer and shape heated metal before it cooled down and hardened.

Beginner Levels – Lesson 1: Nice To Meet You!

My boss found out that I’ve been calling in sick when I wasn’t. Now my goose is cooked!

Solitude scares me. It makes me think about love, death, and war. I need distraction from anxious, black thoughts.

1) Can not stomach something – if you cannot put up with someone or something that is highly unpleasant, you say that you can’t stomach it.

Strike while the iron is hot – a quick and decisive move.

The stock prices have gone up, we must strike while the iron is hot and sell all of our shares.

Scientist and biologist alike believe that the real driving force behind these shark attacks can be attributed to the sharks own relentless search for food. A prominent scientist pointed out that when sharks move closer to shore, they encounter "dead zone areas" – areas that are completely devoid of fish and aquatic life that the sharks are used to feeding on. These dead zones are caused by contamination from untreated factory waste and other urban run-off pollutants. He further reports that sharks swimming around in these areas eventually get so hungry, that they’re willing to eat anything that moves or looks like food.

Shark attacks appears to be on the increase, a fact that has many beach go ‘ers a little apprehensive about the thought of going back into the water again. This is not a freak of nature, many scientist believe that the warmer waters is what is causing these pre-historic and highly evolved predators to seek food closer to shore. Others however believe that it is the effects of the ocean currents during the Hurricane Seasons that is bringing many fishes … and sharks closer to shore.

2. In the first paragraph, what explanation is given for the rise in shark attacks?

The next time you watch a T.V show or Hollywood action movie, listen carefully for these common idioms about risk, danger and adventure.

Many marine biologist warn that this trend is not some sort of anomaly or freak of nature that will eventually go away. In fact shark attacks will continue to increase in 2006, and possibly even double by early next year. These kinds of statements and predictions however do not seem to please the municipal councils or the Economic Development Associations and Chambers of Commerce. They have vested interest in the economic development brought about by tourist who flock to our beaches and coastlines. Never the less, the facts are very real and everyone believes that these attacks will continue to increase. The next time you think that it’s safe to go back into the water, think again!

– Brigitte Bardot

1. What is the purpose for this article?
I can’t stomach the thought of raw fish, especially sushi.

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