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Number of Players: 5 – 15 players The teacher goes through a list of vocabulary that the class has already learnt. Teacher: "The word is barber!" 2. "The theme is" 1. Ask participants to form a circle. Person 3: John! Lions etc… The game continues until someone decides to switch themes by saying "the theme […]

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| VoIP Guide | Free VoIP Provider Review | Web-Conferencing Provider Review Find out how voice over IP providers can be used for online training. Check our Comparison of Free VOIP Service Providers and the Comparison of Paid VOIP Service Providers guide. – TEFL Guide To Using SKYPE WEB-CONFERENCING: | Web-Conferencing Guide | Paid VoIP […]

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Online Tutoring world Browse Online Tutoring world: | Tutoring guide | Online tutoring activities | Online tutoring lesson plans | tutor resource building an online tutoring website | Tutor resource find work as a tutor | Tutor resource Voice Over IP Providers Overview | Tutor resource – Using Web-Conferencing For Online Tutoring | Try our […]

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Smarthinking Online Tutoring ONLINE TUTORING WORLD website is intended to provide information for online tutoring and home tutoring information for all tutors – particularly for ESL/EFL students and adult learners. ONLINE TUTORING WORLD, ("") provides its Web site for personal education and information purposes. Please review the following policy to understand how the information you […]

Online Tutor Info On Web Conferencing Whiteboard Tutorial An online tutor stands to gain a lot from experimenting with a web-conferencing software. Trying out different web-conferencing software will help you to learn general troubleshooting skills – skills which you will iinevitably need as an online tutor. If you are an online tutor looking to use a web-conferencing program to teach […]