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| Poor Cat!
and slapped down a dead cat. "There you are," I called out seriously, "that decided to take vengeance on him. The following Saturday morning, when the | Anniversary-birthday Card | Wedding Gifts

Mark the best choice.
| Meat Order | Meat Order | Weather Forecast
| Delicious Pie

4. To ‘slap’, here means to ___.

| Weather Forecast
1. ‘Insolence’ means ___.
makes up the dozen you ordered." | Book Sale | Take Him to the Zoo! | | Take Him to the Zoo! |
I worked for a butcher for two years. Then he dismissed me for insolence and I | In Pajamas

2. ‘Vengeance’ means ___.

Beginner Online Tutoring Esl

| Wedding Gowns

Cut your coat according to your cloth.

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shop was packed with people buying meat, I stepped in, went to the counter | Delicious Pie
| Book Sale | Wedding Gifts

3. ‘Packed’ here means ___.

| Anniversary-birthday Card | In Pajamas
| Poor Cat!

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