Beginner Tutoring Service Esl Lesson Plans

3. ‘Eventually’ means …..

1. A ‘boarding-house’ is a ………..

The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

it under the sofa, where the family cat would find and devour it.
husband was a fisherman, we always ate fish for dinner. Eventually I got tired of it, and took to slipping

4. To ‘take to’ here means to….

Tefl: First Lesson in China – 80 Students! (Beginning of Lesson)

high time I told you that our cat was run over by a lorry three weeks ago."

6. To ‘tiptoe’ means to ……

As a student I ate my meals at a seaside boarding-house. The landlady was a good cook and, as her

2. A ‘landlady’ is a woman who ……..

5. To ‘devour’ here means to …..

7. To ‘run over’ means to…..

This worked very successfully until one day the landlady tiptoed up behind me and said, "Young man it’s

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