English Schools In The Philippines

English School in the Philippines

Capital City: Manila
per hour (or US$4-6).

English Schools In The Philippines

Puerto Galera, El Nido and Alona Beach in Bohol offers the best beaches, the clearest blue waters, as well as windsurfing and scuba diving activities. There are also many popular diving spots where you

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culture to explore. The worlds best surf destination, which is located in Siargao Island is located in the Philippines. Boracay,

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Filipino teachers with clear North American accent can provide additional tutoring for 200-300 pesos Korea, Taiwan and Japan choose to study English in the Philippines. Foreign students can also opt to take up a study-holiday package. These courses allow you to study English as well as offering packaged tours and fun recreational activities. Students usually come

The Philippines has over 7,000 different islands, a people that is characterized as warm and friendly, and a unique mix of history and period and July-December as the wet period.

Major Cities: Manila, Cebu, Davao City
Climate: Mostly hot and humid throughout the year, with January – June as the dry Language: English, Tagalog
can explore World War II wrecks such as Cebu, Subic Bay and Coron.
Population: 76.5 Million
during their summer and winter holidays, stay for a period of 2-3 months and return back to their own country.

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