Esl Lesson Plan And Reading Comprehension For Intermediate Level Students Work

ESL Reading & Listening Lesson. Pre-intermediate level.

1. What are the two common reasons mentioned for why people work?

White-collar job: An office or clerical type job that requires a well-groomed appearance.
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Entrepreneur: A person who ventures into new businesses and assumes the risk and

3. Fill-in-the-Blanks (Time Limit: 4 Minutes)
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3. Do you agree that businessman are the happiest workers? Why or why not? and purpose that they need to live out their lives.
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Lastly, there are businessmen in our society who play a very important role in helping our Self directed.

2. Crossword Exercise (Time Limit: 4 Minutes)
responsibility for its success.

Autonomy (self-autonomy):

There are countless reasons why a person chooses to work rather than stay home, even if they are economically well off or they hate their jobs. The most common reason is that everyone needs money to live on; and second, that work gives people the structure 2. What person(s) are said to be the happiest?

Some people join different civil branches of the government and become school teachers, army officers or government officials. Others join large companies and settle for white-collar jobs. From their chosen career, these people later learn good habits, discipline and self-autonomy. These people often end up discoverying their true calling in life. Others with a mind for scientific and abstract thinking like to contribute towards making new discoveries. Some artists and performers work on a freelance basis. They like to showcase their talents and abilities.

Esl Lesson Plan And Reading Comprehension For Intermediate Level Students Work

Great job on the crosswords! Now use the same vocabulary to fill-in-the blanks. Complete the Fill-in-the-blanks quiz now!
To look back to a certain period.
country to develop economically. In retrospect, many of these entrepreneurs took great risks with their investments to start up new businesses. They are also the happiest workers, because unlike ordinary paid workers, a good businessman has the power to control his income, his time and his destiny.

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