Gathering Web Content For Your Tutoring Service Website

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You will have to find a place to store your images and icons. A convenient place to store images is on your hard drive. It’s also helpful if you can take pictures with your own digital camera – unless you’re willing to pay for the rights to use stock photos. Never get pictures from other peoples websites as they are copyright protected. If you want to use streaming video on your website – get an external disk drive with about 80 to 100 Gigabytes of disk space to store your film footages.

Collecting web content is an on-going process that takes time and effort. For this reason, its good to start early – preferably at the same time as when you start to design your website. In the end, no matter how much web content you collect, the determining factor for something to be used is the theme of your website template, your choices of web color and the file size limit for each page.

Article Summary: A guide to gathering content for your web page design.

Gathering Web Content For Your Tutoring Service Website

Before you begin collecting contents for your website, it’s helpful to understand your overall design goal. Unless you wrote out a business plan for your website, your website’s sitemap can be used to remind you of what contents you need to be collecting. Your sitemap can be used to provide you with a "bird’s eye view" of what contents to get for each page. A second way to collect content is to write up your text, and to start collecting images that best supports what you are trying to communicate. You can use anything from diagrams, pie charts, and abstract images to real life photographs.

Before you start designing your website, you will need to gather web contents that you can use as layout for your website. These are materials that people gather to be used as web content:

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