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Getting to know your student is the first step to a successful tutoring session. Unless you are a veteran tutor, you will most likely feel uncomfortable when you meet your student for the first time. Some tutors may even feel so intimidated when they meet their students for the first time, that they skip the introductory process. Its easy to jump to the “meat and potatoes” of the lesson, but ignoring this initial step is not recommended. Without spending time getting to know your student, you will not be able to establish rapport with them. Students also tend to find it difficult when disclosing information about themselves or the problems they are struggling with if a foundation of trust is not first created.

Here are some suggestions for one-on-one or small group introduction:

Here are some possible starting questions:

When getting to know your student, its also important to leave time, either in the beginning or towards the end of the tutoring session to ask your student about his or her concerns and questions. This will further aid you in preparing a focused lesson plan for your next tutoring session.

Home Tutoring Service

After letting the student know a little about yourself, ask questions about the student and his or her background. If possible try to relate what what you learn about your student and use it in the tutoring session. When explaining a concept for example, you could give examples from what you learnt of the students favorite sports or hobbies. Relating the material personally builds trust, it shows that you are interested in knowing your student personally. A foundation of trust also builds confidence, it may even help your student to increase his or her rate of learning comprehension.

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