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6. "Three Cheers for Bill’s 50th birthday" means:
a) the person prefers tea,
a) you are tired and want to go to sleep,
b) Its very hot,
3. "Its freezing cold in here " means:
10. "Its late, I better get going" means to:
11. "I’m really hungry, lets stop and grab a bite to eat here" means:
b) Mary did very well in her maths test,
c) Mary failed her Maths test.
4. "Mary aced her maths test" means:
c) Jack is too afraid to ask Martha for a date.
b) to leave,
b) the person prefers coffee,
a) Its very cold,
c) to destroy.
b) to be double-minded,
c) to become timid or afraid and change ones mind.
b) an expression used to tell someone who is bothering or annoying you to go away,
a) Mary fell asleep during her maths test,
b) your hands and feet are cold,
b) to arrange a place to sleep for the night,
c) to go plunder and rob someone.
7. "Jack is too much of a chicken to ask Martha out" means:
b) to get something to eat,
b) to drink up,
a) your feet is cold,
c) the person occasionally drinks coffee.
2. "Are you starting to get cold feet" means:
5. "Lets pitch camp for the night" means:
c) to stop and eat.
9. "I’m tired, I think I’ll go and hit the sack" means:
a) to go for a very long walk,
c) to increase cost.
c) to greatly irritate or annoy some
c) to go and eat.
a) to worry,
12. "I’m a coffee person, I only drink tea once in a while " means:
c) to show how happy and pleased you.
8. "Take a hike, you’re bothering me " means:
c) Its the middle of winter.

Objective: Q & A of common idioms

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Idioms Quiz Online Tutoring Game

a) an irresponsible driver,

1) C 2) C 3) A 4) B 5) B 6) C 7) C 8) B 9) A 10) B 11) B 12) C

1. "You drive me crazy" means:
a) Jack doesn’t like Martha,
b) Jack likes Martha,
a) to stand-up and cheer three times,
a) to physically setup camp,
b) to hit a bag,

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