Intermediate Tutoring Esl Reading Comprehension

Fixread-intermediate level -teaching course in English reading comprehension

2. Do you agree with the anchorman that people work hard but still struggle financially even in good economies?
1. What is the point of this video?
1. Describe what you see in the photograph?

8. What characteristics, skills and education do you need to do well in your dream current job?

Intermediate Tutoring Esl Reading Comprehension

Discuss the article, vocabulary and questions with your student.

2. Describe a typical day at your workplace?
4. How long can you foresee yourself working in your current job?
7. How did you get your current job?
5. If you had enough money to retire, would you take an early retirement or would you continue to work?
9. Do you own any private businesses?
6. Did you have any career plans after leaving school?
Read and discuss the meaning and example given for the idiom to "eager as a beaver". Ask your students to give 1 – 2 sentences using this idiom.
1. Do you agree with the essay that a good businessman is happier? Why?
3. What are some other possible reasons for why people suffer financially in a growing economy other than the opinion given?
3. What was the worst job that you’ve ever had?
10. Describe your ideal job. 2. What was the best job that you’ve ever had?

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