Intermediate Tutoring Esl

10. What do you think about commercials?
Read and discuss the meaning and example given for the idiom to "rings a bell". Ask your students to give 1 – 2 sentences using this idiom.
would you pick to play your character? Why?

Unit 1: Video And Photograph
2. What movie have you watched recently that you can recommend? Why?
9. How many hours of television do you watch per week?

06 Intermediate conversation in English – Great English speaking practice

Discuss the article, vocabulary and questions with your student.

4. What do you think about chic flicks? What is your favorite chic flick?
1. What is this video about?
1. Describe what you see in the photograph?
2. What type of movies do you like to watch?

8. What is your favorite television show? What is it all about?
5. Have you seen_______? (insert movie name)
1. Name your favorite all-time movie? Why?
3. Do you like to watch movies in the theatre, or do you wait until they come out on television?
3. Do you think television has a good or bad influence on our society?

Intermediate Tutoring Esl

6. Who is your favorite movie actor or actress?
7. If someone was to do a movie about your life, what actor/actress 2. What do you think is the message of this movie? Who is the intended audience? Why?

Unit 2: Reading Comprehension

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