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Acquaintances: A relationship that is less intimate than a friendship.
2. According to the article, what person is liked by most people?
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1. What are the characteristics of true friendship?
Companionship: Being with someone.
Dedication: To commit to something wholeheartedly.
3. What is meant by "a real friend is someone who knows what you are really like, Challenging: A difficult but stimulating situation. One that calls for us to use all our effort and resources.

Some people say that friendship is the only channel that human beings can ever experience true security. A good friend is hard to come by, but when they do come you can usually expect to share some common interests – they may like the same sport, go to the same school or be on the same wave length with you. Because of these qualities some people develop many acquaintances, but only a few good friends in their life time.

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It is said that companionship ends and true friendship begins when someone knows what you are really like, but still like you anyway. A true friend shows dedication and loyalty from the very beginning of the relationship. A friend will go through challenges to help you without expecting anything in return. A "friend" today may unknowingly become a "true friend" tomorrow when they get involved in unexpected circumstances together with you – such as when you are going through a difficult experience and your friend was there to help you out.

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Other people seem to go through life having a multitude of friends. They may be funny or they may have a bright and pleasant personality. For these people, wherever they go, people seem to like them and welcome their company. However others seem to go through life with no friends at all. They like to be alone, to travel by themselves or to do their own thing. Others though, thought they had good friends, but when they go through challenging life experiences, their friends were not there to help them.

but still like you anyway".
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Lip service: An agreement to be real friends, but unsupported by action and conviction.

I guess the point is that in some cases friendship can be real, while in other cases it’s merely lip service.

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