Phrase Ball Esl Game Esl Activity

Number of Players: 5 – 15 players The teacher goes through a list of vocabulary that the class has already learnt. Teacher: "The word is barber!" 2. "The theme is" 1. Ask participants to form a circle. Person 3: John! Lions etc… The game continues until someone decides to switch themes by saying "the theme […]

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Provides rankings for online colleges offering distance learning programs. Resources for kids English teachers. Over 1,000 flashcards, hundreds of worksheets, crafts, games, ESL jobs, teaching tips and much more! – Distance learning online graduate school degrees Coursework Info – the UK’s For help and fun learning those tricky parts of the English language. access […]

Webconferencing For Online Tutoring

bandwidth, especially if it will be used with VOIP. It is recommended that you use web-conferencing with a broadband, cable or conduct private or small group classes over the internet. Web-conferencing is not only used for online tutoring and distance education, it is also used by businesses as a means of communication since the mid […]