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Mark the best choice. We were two Australian student nurses training at an English hospital. During visiting hours, we would take One night a woman brought a pork pie to the kitchen and asked me, "Would you ‘eat this up, love?" 1) ‘Ward’ here means ……. Basic Spoken English for 30 Days 01 – 30 […]

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search engines and the Teacher/Student negotiates their own rates in our Partner sites: RESOURCES | Sites For Students | Sites for Teachers | ESL Lesson Plans | English Language Schools | Find A Tutor is a Canadian tutor listing service, which allows tutors to post their own advertisements. Students can find tutors in any subject, […]

Online Tutor Info On Web Conferencing Whiteboard Tutorial An online tutor stands to gain a lot from experimenting with a web-conferencing software. Trying out different web-conferencing software will help you to learn general troubleshooting skills – skills which you will iinevitably need as an online tutor. If you are an online tutor looking to use a web-conferencing program to teach […]