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Find English as a Second Language Schools – by browsing our listing of language schools listed by country. We currently list English language schools fro Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Philippines and the US. Add your own English as a Second Language school to our directory now by filling in the link exchange form. Australia […]


Um/Ah Catcher – Counts the number of um’s, ah’s for every person. MC – The M.C or host is responsible for introducing each participant before he/she comes up to speak. Hint: Any logical order can be followed. If this is your first time, try the roles in the following order as listed. Timer – Provides […]

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2. ‘Airwaves’ means ___. 4. To ‘shuffle’ here means to ___. Money is a good servant but a bad master. Esl tutor info While we were sailing, my friend tuned in to listen to the weather forecast on a local radio station. Over the airwaves, there was a pause and an audible shuffling of papers, […]

The Webconference Process Explained!

to join meetings via popular instant messenging services such as Yahoo or MSN Messenger. The host than contacts the participants to inform them of the meeting time and access codes needed to join the meeting. of a four way video conference presentation using Apple’s Ichat. How the Communication Process Works | Episode 20 When the […]

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Mark the best choice. We were two Australian student nurses training at an English hospital. During visiting hours, we would take One night a woman brought a pork pie to the kitchen and asked me, "Would you ‘eat this up, love?" 1) ‘Ward’ here means ……. Basic Spoken English for 30 Days 01 – 30 […]