Phrase Ball Esl Game Esl Activity

Number of Players: 5 – 15 players

The teacher goes through a list of vocabulary that the class has already learnt.
Teacher: "The word is barber!"
2. "The theme is"
1. Ask participants to form a circle.
Person 3: John! Lions etc… The game continues until someone decides to switch themes by saying "the theme is…"

The game starts when the person holding the phrase ball says out loud the name of the person he/she is throwing the ball to + a word written on the whiteboard.

ESL Game : Password

1. Saying the opposite word

Objective: Phrase Ball is a game that helps you to practice asking questions using what, where, when, why and how. Participants get eliminated if they break any one of the following rules. The winner is the last two player standing.

Game Variation

The winner is the last two person standing!

Phrase Ball Esl Game Esl Activity

Student: "I went to the barber on Sunday to have my haircut".
Person 2: Mary! Zebra.
2. Write the following words on a whiteboard – what, where, when, why, how and explain the following rules of the game:
i.e. Person 1: Mike! Fat.
Person 2: Joanne! Thin.

3. Vocabulary Practice:
Person 1: Jake! The theme is zoo.

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