Um/Ah Catcher – Counts the number of um’s, ah’s for every person.
MC – The M.C or host is responsible for introducing each participant before he/she comes up to speak.
Hint: Any logical order can be followed. If this is your first time, try the roles in the following order as listed.
Timer – Provides feedback on the participants actual speaking time.  The timer should also signal during a speech-craft session to let a person know they have gone over their time limit. Speakers – Nominate one (10 min.) or three (5 min. each) speakers.
Quote – Writes down and explains a famous quote.
Joke – Tells a funny joke.

Feedback – Gives feedback about language, grammar, body language etc. for all roles.

1.  Give your students time to prepare their speaking topic.  A day is ideal.

Skill Level: Upper Beginner to Advance Level

Objective: public speaking activity
3. As students carry out their role, observe their communication skills and provide feedback.

Speech-craft is a speaking activity that requires little to no set-up time on the teachers part.  With speech-craft anyone can find a role they feel comfortable with and participate (even the teacher).  Speechcraft can be played online or in an ESL classroom setting.
Questionaire – Asks 2-3 question about the speech.

Roles & Responsibility

Guide: Oblivion – Speechcraft (social mini game)


2.  Write down the list of roles (below), their speaking order and explain how each role works.  
Idiom – Writes down and explains an English idiom.

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