The Webconference Process Explained!

to join meetings via popular instant messenging services such as Yahoo or MSN Messenger.

The host than contacts the participants to inform them of the meeting time and access codes needed to join the meeting. of a four way video conference presentation using Apple’s Ichat.

How the Communication Process Works | Episode 20

The Webconference Process Explained!

When the meeting is about to begin, all participants log-in and enter their access code. They are than prompted to download a program which allows both computers to connect. After a few minutes, the program will automatically configure itself allowing both parties To begin a web-conference, the conference host initiates by logging into a secure website to activate the conferencing service.

Web-conference or Webinars (web-based-seminars) is a simple way for businesses and to begin their meeting. During the meeting, participants can chat, collobrate on a document or educational instutions to present lectures, conduct seminars and hold workshops. Many people who prefer to work at home, or who prefer not to travel, keep in touch by using a voip and web-conference software to meet and collaborate together online. Web-conferencing software also helps businesses to cut down the cost and time spent traveling to a meeting. It is so simple that all you need for a live meeting is a software or a paid subscription.

Web-conference demo: Click the play button to watch a 2 minute video demonstration talk to the meeting coordinator. Some web-conferencing programs such as GotoMeeting even allows you to invite conference participants

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