Webconferencing For Online Tutoring

bandwidth, especially if it will be used with VOIP. It is recommended that you use web-conferencing with a broadband, cable or conduct private or small group classes over the internet. Web-conferencing is not only used for online tutoring and distance education, it is also used by businesses as a means of communication since the mid 1990’s. However, due to the unreliable nature of the internet and other technical challenges, web-conferencing has remained unaffordable for the general public until quite recently. By the beginning of 2005, prices had significantly

The demand for online tutoring is growing, and more and teachers are now turning to using web-based conferencing or screen-sharing solutions as a way to Web-conferencing tools usually require a little more

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Many EFL/ESL and other subject tutors use web-conferecing together with VOIP software as tools for online tutoring on the internet.

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dropped while quality and service reliability continued to improve. Another significant change was the introduction of new players, and small companies into the market who were offering various low cost and sometimes free web-conferencing tools. This situation helped open new doors for people to find work as online English tutors.

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Webconferencing For Online Tutoring

higher internet connection.

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